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Activities & Exhibitions

I t is essential for an artist to present his creations and to receive a feedback about his work. And of course the Internet with all of its opportunities is a perfect possibility to do this. But I am always glad about chances to present my paintings personally – on own exhibitions or together with artist friends. Here I would like to show a bit about my previous and recent  exhibitions and presentations. Please stay curious…..


Exhibitions on my own:
2005 to 2012 Kleinkarlbach, historical vaulted cellar, during the christmas fair
2012 The vintner´s restaurant Brodback, Kirchheim/ Weinstrasse (German Wine Route)
2013 Interieur Designer´s shop “becco lifetex” in Frankenthal/Palatinate
2013 to now
Neuleiningen, the Barthel’s yard, during the christmas fair
2015 Grünstadt, old townhall
Print Media
2015/2016 Exhibition of small-sized paintings in branches of savings bank “Vorderpfalz” (Palatinate) via Kunsthaus Oggersheim
Foyer of county council, Bad Dürkheim
Print Media
Old town hall in Mainz-Bretzenheim, Kunst im Rathaus (Art in the town hall)
Print Media
 Group exhibitions:
2011 Kirchheim, Friedrich-Diffiné-House
2013 Enkenbach-Alsenborn, town hall (together with LeiningerlandArt)
2010 bis   2014 The wine exhibition in “Emichsburg” hall, Bockenheim (together with LeiningerlandArt)
2014 Kirchheim, Friedrich-Diffiné-House


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